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IMO, there is more people that like to download lowres video with audio then people like you who prefer to download HD video even it has no audio. so, it is a wise choice to help common people with bigger number then special people like you.

however there is a way to save you one click by showing thus video, rather then hide it under more button. in setting page, there is an option for youtube to choose what kind of data that should be hidden. by default, MP4 without audio is hidden, so.. uncheck it.

as seen in my screenshot above, there is an option to download 1080p video, but without audio. by default, thus kind of video doesn't shown. you have to click [more] button to see thus option.
In, press download button and then press more. it will show you all available option to download. open this page, there is a screenshot to show you where the [Download] and [More] button is...
There is a link in download page to show you how to install as UserJS via TamperMonkey for Google Chrome. or you can install as extension using my guide here.
there is a downside of this usage. everytime you start Google Chrome, there will be a warning that tell you that this extension running as developer mode. i rarely close my chrome window so just found out about this later.
Google won't allow it, since there is a rule that disallow apps to download youtube video. this happen to android apps too. with android apps, you can sideload the apps. you can do this to with chrome in old version, but now chrome disallow it :|
its working now, on version 3.43 
great thanks
for the time being, i'm using save link as option from context menu.
thanks for this great tools :-)

i'm sorry, it's look like only happend when trying to download audio only file.
still, can it be fixed?

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