another way to install savefrom.net as chrome extension

Gabri Shally 10 years ago updated by Aleksandr 9 years ago 3
  1. extract crx file (it is actually a common zip file) to a folder
  2. open tools~>extension in chrome
  3. enable developer mode
  4. click [Load unpacked extension] button
  5. direct poped up window to folder from the first step
  6. done
i'm using Chrome 35, haven't update to 36 yet :|

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there is a downside of this usage. everytime you start Google Chrome, there will be a warning that tell you that this extension running as developer mode. i rarely close my chrome window so just found out about this later.
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Unfortunately, it's not a solution of this problem. It's better to use
tempermonky and user.js.
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