Chrome store/browser removal. Tampermonkey still works

psirista 10 years ago updated by Лемур 10 years ago 3
Logged into Chrome tonight to have Chrome auto disable and not allow re-enabling of SaveFrom. Can't find it on the store. Followed the instructions for adding to Chrome through Tampermonkey and I'm back in business again.

Thanks for the extension, my normal net connection always stops loading videos, so I can't watch Youtube without downloading the whole video first. 
Yeah ... about that, this happened to me to, and tampermonkey works, it just that downloading files from vk saves the files without song names, instead with the ID of mp3 file, for example "147468591b61.mp3" how can this be fixed please????!
We asked developers of tempermonkey to make a support of functions which allow to give the name of a file. We hope they will consider positively our request