Can't Install SaveForm extension on Google Chrome 25.0.1364.97 (en-us)

blacklizt 7 years ago updated by Aleksandr 5 years ago 4

i can't install SaveForm extension (1.72) on latest google chrome (25.0.1364.xx) due security reasons.

but fortunately by using "developer mode" on "chrome://extensions/", i can install this.


My Norton Antivirus blocked the installation of the update .... says :

When the program is executed, it creates the following files:

  • %SystemDrive%\Document and Settings\Default user\Application Data\6978C0F1796A4924B0DC69EA966F4F44\du.exe
  • %SystemDrive%\Document and Settings\Default user\Application Data\6978C0F1796A4924B0DC69EA966F4F44\setup0123.exe

The program includes offers for additional third-party applications

during the installation process of legitimate applications.

Hello, this is a false positive anti-virus.

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