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Hello Save From Team,

my browser:: Opera Version:65.0.3467.78

my SaveFrom version : 861

the problem has been described sufficiently. The SaveFrom menu

appears as usually under the opened Youtube-video but its menu 

does not open - In most cases. This problem seems to be quite

consistent since it could not be resolved by you in the last week.

However to my wondering my old Youtube-DLG - also called

youtube-dl-Gui - suddenly works again - and with no update.

Formerly it was prompting "ERROR" all the time for 2 months!

That could be a hint that Google - by hindering SaveFrom to

work - changed anything inside its guts which suddenly enables

Youtube-DLG (the other great free downloader) - to work again.

I thought this observation might be of an interest for you.

Thank you for your efforts.

With kind regards from Portugal