Savefrom stops working when scanning images of a long VK page

Spede 4 years ago updated by Aleksandr 4 years ago 8

When I try to scan this page: http://vk.com/wall-63130299?offset=0&own=1 for pictures (note: if you keep scrolling down, more pics appear, so I scrolled for a very long time), the Chrome extension starts scanning but then stalls at roughly 1300 out of 10000 pics.

Note 1: both Chrome and Savefrom are up to date (tried with both 6.15.2 and 6.16.2), my disk isn't full, and I also tried to clear the cache.

Note 2: I only scan the page in order to get links, I am not trying to download the pictures directly.


Under review

Hello. Extension download photos or not?

Send a link to the photo album, we'll check.

Under review

Hello. Extension download photos or not?

Send a link to the photo album, we'll check.

Hi, thanks for your reply.

The link is here: http://vk.com/wall-63130299?offset=0&own=1
This is the "wall" of the VK group, not a photo album per se. But normally this detail doesn't pose any problem.

Please also have a look at the screenshots I uploaded: http://imgur.com/a/Fgwdp

As you see, I don't even get to the point where the extension gives me the choice to get picture links, or to download the pictures. The extensions stops working before that step.

I think there's an issue with the number of pictures contained in the page that Savefrom tries to scan. Maybe its current setting doesn't provision for enough buffer, or something. It looks like if a page contains more than 1000 pictures, it becomes too much for the extension.

Reinstall the expansion.

Remove the Tampermonkey extension.

Install the extension here in these links.
Google Chrome. First 1 then 2.
1. Install the extension Chameleon: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/chameleon/dmpojjilddefgnhiicjcmhbkjgbbclob?hl=en-US

2. Install the extension Savefrom.Net: https://addons.opera.com/en/extensions/details/savefromnet-helper/?display=en

I have just tried your tip today, Aleksandr.

I removed Tampermonkey, rebooted Chrome just in case, then installed Chameleon, then installed Savefrom for Opera. The installation was successful.

After that, I went on the VK wall I linked above, and kept loading the pictures until I reached the bottom of the page ("page 399" is written in the top right, even though it's actually one single page with all the pictures). Finally, I clicked on the Savefrom icon and selected "Download the pictures".

When I did that, the extension displayed an overlay with "Downloading...". I left the computer for several hours (the PC is always on, no standby mode), and when I came back, nothing had changed: "Downloading..." was still displayed, with zero progress.

I forgot to specify that I'm on Windows 7 SP1, if that makes any difference.


I think you will understand how to download.

Oh so I had to click on an image before using the extension, instead of using Savefrom directly from the wall?

Well now it works, I could get the extension to scan the page and give me the links. Thanks a lot for your help!

Thank you for using our extension SaveFrom.net Helper

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