Ummy Video unable to download youtube videos

Paul Brandt 4 jaar geleden bijgewerkt door Corylus leanna 3 jaar geleden 4

It's been over a week now that this has stopped working. The link loads but the download button stays grayed out. I am a paid subscriber so please fix ASAP! Thanks.


I'm experiencing the same thing sadly :( 


I am experiencing  the same thing also.


You were thrown, the program has not been supported for a long time, that's why the section of the site "Ummy Video Downloader" was removed.
So, they don't give a fuck about you ... they have a new program (televzr) that they are trying to impose on English speakers, since you are easier to fuck.


Вас кинули, программа давно не поддерживается, от того и удалили раздел сайта "Ummy Video Downloader".
Так что, им похуй на вас... у них новая программа "Televzr", которую пытаются навязать для англо говорящих, так как легче наебать.

well  that just rude
you could have atleast said that they dont support this software 
anyways thanks