default video quality showing 360 not 720 hd

b.joy123 2 years ago updated by Aleksandr 1 year ago 9

I am using Firefox. Recently default video quality of the savefrom downloader changed to 360 instead of 720 hd. Please fix this.


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Hello, can you download a video as 720p?

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Hello, can you download a video as 720p?

Yes, I can download in 720HD. But every time I have to change the resolution to 720p. Some time down-loader not showing 720p option. Previously the down-loader's default resolution was 720p. How can I set the default resolution to 720p. If there is no option to set the default resolution then request you to set the default resolution to 720p in next or future update. My firefox browser version is 62.0.2 and savefrom browser plugin version is 7.87.

Please, send me the information listed here: http://en.savefrom.net/user.php?info=1

Send a link for an example.
Also send a screenshot of the screen.


Browser: Firefox 62.0 Windows

User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:62.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/62.0

Extension: ff-sf 7.87

I have marked the down-loader area with red color box. Please look it's showing 360p by default.

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Thank you for the information.
Our developers will find out what could be the problem and try to fix it.

Thanks a lot. After updated to Version 7.89 the problem solved. Now my default video quality is 720HD.

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