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When I play some SD upscales on youtube they play back at the right colors as say for example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v85egwc9QnI&feature=youtu.be is played back at Rec .601 because it's from a DVD source. If I download this file using your site @720P, it doesn't have that information saved in the container and thus media players play it back at Rec .709.


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Hello, what player you use to play the video?
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Hello, what player you use to play the video?
Any player as they tend to all follow the same rules. But specifically I use MPC-HC, MPC-BE (both with madVR) or MPDN all of which are using LAV Filters.
We do not quite understand your message.
The video shows the quality that Youtube player that play.
  • The media player needs to know of this is originally rec 601 or rec 709. This info should be saved when downloading if it's available. For example DVDs are rec 601 and blu-rays are rec 709. If a DVD is upscaled to 720p and uploaded then if youtube has the rec 601 tagging then it should be saved into the container when downloading. Otherwise it's detected as rec 709 by the media player (because it's hd) I will link an example video in my next comment to show you how the video looks on youtube vs how it looks when playing back in a media player (the colors are wrong)
Take a screenshot of this video playing in 720P

Now download it in 720P & play in any media player. Take a screenshot of the same frame and compare it. You can see a color difference. This is because the youtube video is from a DVD/SD source (BT 601) but you don't save that info in the media file when it's downloaded, so a media player on the PC thinks it's from an HD source (being 720p) but it's not.. it thinks the colormetric is BT 709 (Blu-ray) but it's BT 601 (DVD). Here's a screenshot comparison I've already done to show you.

We color does not change even when the video we return through our server.

I know you don't change the video.. I've explained what's happening. Quite simply the video needs to be tagged that it's bt601 in this instance in the container. Otherwise the wrong colors will show unless the video is edited as you linked on doom9. The user shouldn't have to do this, do it automatically please.
We can not change the container.
Most references are given to direct directly to youtube.

:( what's the reason for not changing the container?
No technical possibilities.
Damn. Ah well close this then. Thanks anyway.
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