AYoutube downloading is not working

brocklanders87 3 years ago • updated by Aleksandr 2 years ago 4

Iam using opera 41.0.2353.46 versoin

Save from net 6.76 version

When i am downloading any youtube video in 360p mp4 format instead of downloading it, Link opens in browser and starting playing the same video

Please fix it , having problem from two days


Under review

Expansion corrected, update or reinstall from our site.
Current version 6.80: http://en.savefrom.net/user.php#helper_install

Thank you for using extension Savefrom.Net

Thanks for your help . now save from net doing ok. one glitch iam finding now is that when iam downloading with free download manager in opera browser latest version. youtube download doesnt showing correct name only (Videoplayback). earlier its not the case.

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