Extension is not working

Please, before reporting that extension is not working, check the manual.
    Possible reasons:
  1. You have an outdated version of the extension
    What to do: make sure that you have installed the latest version of the extension. You may check the version of the extension on the settings page of extensions in your browser. You may find and install the latest version of SaveFrom.net helper on the page "Useful tools".
  2. You have Lite-version of the extension (in Google Chrome)
    The Lite version doesn’t support downloading videos from youtube.com (we did it to comply with the rules of Chrome web-store).
    Full version of SaveFrom.net helper is available on our website at the page "Useful tools". Instructions for installation of the full version are givenhere. Don’t forget to delete Lite-version after installing the full one.
  3. Extension was turned off in the helper menu
    In this case extension button is displayed in grey disabled extension button
    What to do: open the drop-down menu of the helper and choose "Enable".
  4. Extension was turned off in browser (the button extension button is not displayed)
    Go to the extensions settings page of your browser and make sure that SaveFrom.net helper is enabled:

    Mozilla Firefox: in main menu choose Firefox > Extensions.
    Google Chrome: follow the link chrome://chrome/extensions/ or choose in the menu Tools > Extensions.
    Opera: in main menu choose Extensions > Manage extensions…
    Safari: open the settings window and choose the tab "Extensions".
  5. You have an outdated version of your browser
    Using outdated software may be not safe. Please download the latest version of your browser from its official web-site.
  6. There was a problem when updating browser
    In such case re-installing the extension usually helps. To do this: uninstall the extension, close and open browser, then install the extension again.

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