Disk almost full and can't reinstall

ERG9 5 years ago updated by Aleksandr 5 years ago 7
Hi, when I try to download this message appears "The disk is almost full". I've reinstalled to the new version I think from the official website but when the installer is going to install the app my antivirus Norton says that have blocked and eliminated a trojan called "Trojan.Gen.2" and the installation gets bugged.

My OS is Windows 7 and my disk is free with 804Gb of 1 T. What Can I do? Desactivate Auto-protect of my antivirus? I don't know, please help!! Thanks.

Sorry for my bad english.


Hi, I've tried with many videos from official an unofficial channels and I can't download anyone.
I have also installed and my antivirus continues detecting the trojan. :S
Ok, I've turned off my antivirus for a moment and installed the app succesfully! :)

If the problem with the system disk re-appears, what I have to do? Maybe clean my temp files of the computer? Reply asap, thanks.
No, it is not necessary to clean anything.
Give the links that you couldn't download.
Hi. We'll try to fix ASAP.
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