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Ummy Downloadspeed

Frederic 7 months ago updated by Aleksandr 6 months ago 6

So recently i‘ve been downloading some longer YouTube Videos (About 50 min)

The downloadspeed was just as i would expect it to be, when it suddenly jumped to 2mps (before it was around 70 mps).

After that the Video took like 2 minutes to finish, but that didn’t only happen once, it happened on all Videos with that lenght,

while shorter vids would just download fine.

I thought this had something to do with the vid lenght and that ist harder to download something as big,

but when i compared it to „savefrom.net“ it had no Problems downloading the Video in less than 5 seconds, the only difference beeing the Resolution

(savefrom.net = 720p, ummy = 1080p)

But i doubt this makes that much of a difference.

Plz fix this.

Ps: Would you mind NOT putting advertisments in the paid version?


Under review

Hello, the version of the program?
What is your OS?

Under review

Hello, the version of the program?
What is your OS?

My OS is Windows 10 (64bit) 

System build: 18362.359

version: 1903

My Ummy version is: (auto update on)

You have the current version of the program.

The program is not related to the download speed, you can try to delete the program files, but this is unlikely to help.

Delete the history file: C:\Users\Admin\AppData\Local\UmmyVideoDownloader\save
Remove "settings.uvd" file on this path: C:\Users\Admin\AppData\Local\UmmyVideoDownloader

Didn't work,..

 Also im pretty sure the speed is linked to ummy, since it works flawlessly for free

2019-09-18 16-46-52.mp4

uhm, will i get an answer? 

You download in 1080p quality, while downloading the program converts the video, unfortunately we can not affect the download speed either.