Download progress icon not on menu bar? How can I get it there. Great addon. Works fine on Opera.

David60 4 years ago updated by Aleksandr 4 years ago 4

Opera displays a download progress icon on address tool bar but Firefox does not.

Great add-on but being able to restart downloads from the progress drop-down is essential.

Thanks you, David


Under review

Hello, please give us more details.

Under review

Hello, please give us more details.

Hi Aleksandr,

Thank you for responding to me.

I am using VDPro on my Opera & Firefox (Windows 7) browsers.

On Opera, after I initiate one or more downloads I get a circular download status icon, next to the VDPro icon, that allows me to see the download progress of each download. It is a very helpful feature.

The circular download status icon does not appear on Firefox. Therefore I can not view the download status of the VDPro downloads. I desire this feature for Firefox.

The location of the icons is on the right hand side of the address toolbar for both browsers.

Thank you,


PS: I also have a suggestion for a possible product enhancement: Insert any descriptive text in the original file name into the final download file name. This would save the time and effort of manually changing the download file name to include the original file descriptive text before initiating the download.

Downloading takes place by the browser, so every browser shows the progress of their current load, such as in Mozilla Firefox has a blue arrow and you click on it you can view the progress of ongoing downloads.

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